Have been using the Google Cloud managed DNS service for years to host my DNS zones. This week I stumbled on the Hetzner DNS Console, what I still don’t believe is that it’s totally free. It’s not that the GCloud DNS service is expensive, have cost me about 1€ a month to host my zones over there.

Have been using Hetzner to host my hobby things for years already, made so much sense to migrate the DNS zones over there also. Saves me a tiny amount of cash also and I can remove my credit card data from my GCloud account.

One thing that I needed to rethink was how the letsencrypt SSL certificates are renewed, had been using the official certbot/dns-google image to handle all that. Turns out that there is a certbot-dns-hetzner plugin for hetzner.

Combined the two into a simple Dockerfile

FROM certbot/certbot
RUN pip install certbot-dns-hetzner

and published it here